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Tour Guide Systems

A professional Tour Guide System is a great starting point for presenters that wish to ensure their visitors to understand every word. A professional Tour Guide System is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor tours of any venue. Our Tour Guide Solutions cover a broad spectrum of different options for small or larger events.

Other Tour Guide System Services


One of the key components of a Tour Guide System are the Headsets or Receivers used from the participants. The headsets have to be comfortable for the participants as well as provide the right battery lifetime and connectivity reach. With years of experience around the world we balance Quality and Cost to offer you the best solution for your event.


Apart from microphones and headset, the basic Tour Guide Infrastructure requires the right transmitters. Transmitters determine the range in which headsets can receive the audio stream. Furthermore the transmitters are capable of broadcasting several parallel channels, for example in an environment in which interpreters translate the presentation into different languages.

Charging Infrastructure

Using Tour Guide Systems in larger events requires sophisticated charging infrastructure to limit the number of units requires while maintaining the right connectivity of all participants. With our charging cases and high-speed charging concepts we ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible and save time and money during your event.

TG Microphones

Tour Guide Systems come with a variety of different microphones to ensure the presenter is understood in the right environment. The right microphones are not just determined by the transmission technology but also the presentation environment (e.g noise factory or windy weather). Furthermore microphones may have to be waterproof and provide independent powersupply for a specific number of hours.


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Smartphone Voting
With our Smartphone Voting Software you can make your event more interactive without the necessity of external hardware.

Tour Guide System
Globibo Event Technology extends its infrastructure to new Tour Guide Technology.

Smartphone Audience Response
Our Smartphone Audience Response System goes into version 2.0 - with more features and a slicker User-Interface