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Audio & Visual Services

The right Audio & Visual Solution have huge impact on the presentation of your event and organization's image. We start with development of the storyboard to create a meaningful, exciting, interesting and/or funny story for your event. With the right Audio Recording Equipment we ensure that the relevant information is captured with the best possible quality. Our Video Recoding also facilitated low as well high quality recording in 2 or 3D. Finally our team of post-editors ensures that the final cut of your media are nothing but brilliant.

Other Audio & Visual Services


The storyboard is useful when trying to communicate your thoughts or ideas to other people. Integrating scripting or storyboarding into your event planning can make life much easier by creating an impactful presentation with your videos or audio media. We can create the best of different storyboards based on your input.

Audio Recording

Our Audio Recording services are sure to wow you. With us, you can easily choose from wide range of recordering approaches: analogue recordering, digital recordering, tape recordering, disk recordering and memory recordering, or newer models. Audio recording isn't only about recording sound, it is also about capturing the right impression and mood you would like to maintain for future reference.

Video Recording

Our video recording solutions allow you to focus on what is important while we are taking care of the technology. Whether it is for capturing, recording, processing, storing, transmitting or finally reconstructing a sequence of still images to scenes in motion, we have the solution for you. Having access to world-class video recording equipment, a dedicated team and a clear goal in mind are definitely the best pre-requisites to create success in your media work.

Post-Editing & Publishing

Post production begins when the recorder or camera stops rolling, after recording great images and brilliant sounds. Our post editing and publishing tools helps the you to edit and encode video/audio recordings including interviews, short-films, short human rights news pieces, films or events. The application makes editing and publishing simple and allows you to distribution copies via internet, broadcast television, electronic file and DVD.


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Smartphone Voting
With our Smartphone Voting Software you can make your event more interactive without the necessity of external hardware.

Tour Guide System
Globibo Event Technology extends its infrastructure to new Tour Guide Technology.

Smartphone Audience Response
Our Smartphone Audience Response System goes into version 2.0 - with more features and a slicker User-Interface